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Co-scholastic area
A wide variety of co-scholastic activities complement the academic programme to help the all round development of the child.

Physical Education :

The school has for its credit two successive national records in athletics. Abiding by the spirit 'healthy mind in a healthy body' great emphasis is laid on Physical Education. Opportunities are provided to the students for specialized training in a variety of sports. These include Volley Ball, Karate, Table Tennis, Throw – ball, Cricket and Athletics. Annual Athletic meet is also a regular feature.


Yoga :

Part of our ancient culture whose immense value in today’s fast, tension filled life has been recognized. Acknowledging this, yoga holds an important place in our curriculum. This course is offered to the students of our school.


Art :

Art is an integral part of our curriculum and it is linked and correlated with other subjects. The students are trained and prepared for the elementary drawing examinations held by various Authorities. Trips are organized to Museums, Art Galleries and Art exhibitions so that the students are exposed to the works of art by renowned artists.


Music :

Music is a universal language. From the very onset music-vocal and instrumental are included in the curriculum. Rhythm and harmony pervade the school environment throughout the day. Exposure to good music from a tender age creates in the child a love and appreciation for music which will endure all through life always providing a soothing, calming influence.


Debating Society :

Modern children are never at a loss in an argument. By organizing debates we try to channelize this inborn instinct to a more constructive activity. Debating helps then nurture skills, like reading, rational thinking and forceful expression.


Class Magazine :

The creative thinking and writing abilities and the aesthetic sense of students are encouraged by involving them in bringing out a class magazine. This hand written magazine has interesting articles, poems, crosswords, drawings etc. by the students. This activity is the initial exposure on their part to the art of publishing too. The cover page of the magazine is also designed by the students.


Socially Useful Productive Work :

“Your education, if it is a vital thing, must shed its fragrance in your surroundings.” GANDHIJI.
This activity has been included in the curriculum to develop in each student a caring impulse for the community. Regular collection drives are made for the Red Cross and National Association for the Blind. They also visit orphanages and institutes for the physically and mentally handicapped which helps create an empathy for the less fortunate. Students are also trained in essential skills which contribute to self dependence. Many of the teaching aids used in the pre primary are the children’s handwork.


Educational Trips and Excursions :

To widen the horizons of the children and with a belief that education does not consist only in text-books, educational trips are organized during the year, as ‘to see is to learn’. They make for a break from the medium of regular school and also stimulate the learning process.

To enable the children to appreciate nature and various natural phenomenon, regular monsoon treks are organized to suitable in the vicinity. They are introduced to the majesty and grandeur of nature.

During the Christmas vacation a tour is organized to places of historical importance and interest. The duration of these tours is between five to fifteen days. These trips reveal to the child the ancient heritage of our country and instill in them an appreciation of the diversity of India – its marvels and its history; they also become aware of its problems.

These excursions also help the child to learn to rough it our, adjust and adapt and to take everything in his/her stride without complaining. It also strengthens the bond between students and helps the teachers to understand the child better.


Hobbies :

Hobby classes, conducted after school hours by professionals cater to the varied interests of students. They are also responsible for arousing interest were non may have existed earlier. (Separate fees will be charged for this)


Creative Writing :

The art of writing  is one of the noblest of the arts and the pen is the tongue of the work done in the school. Those with a flair for writing are helped to tap their potential to the fullest. Articles of the students on various topics have appeared in major newspapers and magazines.


Performing Arts :

Children have a natural inborn rhythm which is given scope to grow and flourish. Classes held in Indian classical dancing has brought out a lot of hidden talent and students have performed creditably at public functions.


Science Club :

Through this activity students who have special aptitude for Science are given an opportunity to go in for an in depth study of various branches of science. They prepare models related to the specific projects undertaken. Visits to Science museums and institutions give them practical experience and widen their horizons.

nature club

Nature Club :

The crying need of the hour is ‘Preservation of the Environment’. The club creates an awareness of the need for conservation and preservation. Children learn to appreciate and care for nature. They collect seeds and plant them in School ground and go on nature rambles where they are introduced to exotic plant life.


Enrichment Programme :

A distinctive feature of the school is the ‘Special Assembly’ held every day. We believe that education should not be limited to textbook learning but should go beyond the classroom. These assemblies generate great interest and enthusiasm and are eagerly awaited by students and staff.

The ideals of nationalism and secularism are instilled and cultivated in the students with the celebration of the National days and major festivals, with revellery, music and dance, by one and all – irrespective of caste or creed. Our traditional values and cultural heritage are thus kept alive and our roots strengthened.

Environmental consciousness is of the greatest importance in today’s endangered world. Environmental study is introduced at the earliest stage integrated with different subject areas in a creative and functional manner. It is a synthesis of theory and action.

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